Are Dental Implants Worth the Risk?

Ashamed of giving out a smile because of a missing tooth?

Any orthodontic problem, whether it is a missing tooth or crooked teeth, will make a person self-conscious. In fact, it can affect someone’s ego and confidence.

Are you having the same problem?

Worry not!

Improvements in dental care made it possible to remedy various types of orthodontic problems, even if it is a set of missing teeth. What you need to do is use dental implants.

Dental implants are designed to resemble an authentic tooth. Basically, it is an artificial tooth “root” used as a replacement to the original tooth. These are made of titanium and bone-like ceramic materials which are compatible with your jaw. The implants are installed in place of the missing tooth and fused with your bone to support a crown or a full denture.

There are two types of implants; the endosteal implant and subperiosteal implant. An endosteal implant is most commonly compared to the latter. This type of dental implant is placed in the bone area. On the other hand, the subperiosteal implant is positioned on the bone for patients with who can’t wear traditional dentures due to inadequate bone height.

Dental implants are applied through undergoing surgery. The word surgery always scares people due to chances of risk. There’s no reason for you to worry. The success rates of dental implants whether single or a general replacement is very high. According to surveys, 98 percent of patients go out of the surgical room with a beautiful set of new teeth.

Having dental implants does not only improve your orthodontic condition. It also offers a lot of advantages which includes the following:

1. Permanent Replacement- Dental implants can be a permanent replacement to your missing tooth. Dentures tend to break over time whereas dental implants are long-lasting. All you need to do proper maintenance to make it last longer.

2. Denture Stability-False teeth often shift and slip especially when eating and talking. It is uncomfortable that your dentures are on the verge of falling off. Dental implants give you more security and stability. The artificial tooth is 100 percent in place giving you more confidence while talking and dining with friends.

3. More Durable-Removable dentures could not handle chewing hard foods. Thus, you have to be careful in what you eat or else your false teeth might break. Dental implants are more sturdy and durable. It won’t break easily when you eat hard food.

Using dental implants will allow you to enjoy every food on your plate. Moreover, it functions as your own teeth helping you chew with ease.

4. Better Speech-Using false teeth make it harder for you to talk. Removable dentures can slip as you talk causing you to slur and mumble words. Dental implants promote improved speech and confidence in talking.

Here is your chance to improve your oral health. Using dental implants are worth your money and risk. If you want to understand more the benefits and use of dental implants, go here at A Chronic Voice.

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