The Best Christmas Idea Yet – Lasers and Christmas Lights

laser christmas HQ's guide to lighting

Christmas is in the air with bells ringing, colorful decors hanging in establishments, cold winds and holiday songs everywhere. People begin to shop for gifts and decorate their houses with Christmas lights, which are some of the most exciting and fun-generating things to do during the holidays. A decorated and creatively lighted area like a backyard oftentimes brings smiles to many people’s faces.

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A nice holiday evening with the family is one of the most savoring moments of life. The mode of togetherness can be perked up with Christmas decors and lights. The string of lights is the key to a successful lighting plan for the Christmas holidays. They can go from 25 bulb lights per string to 200 bulbs that spice up things more.

Christmas lights can come with clips based on the size of the bulbs that make hanging them easier. The clips make it possible to position the bulbs upright, horizontal or hanging down. Here are 5 of the choices for this year’s outdoor Christmas lights:

  1. Christmas Laser Lights Halloween Outdoor Projector Waterproof Star

For those who are willing to pay more for better quality Christmas lights, they can choose Christmas Laser Lights Halloween Outdoor Projector Waterproof star. Designed for heavy duty use, the light has an aluminum stake, is waterproof and can be used in cold temperatures. This durable Christmas light can cover nearly 3900 square feet from 25 feet away and can also be used in occasions that are non-Christmas.

  1. Escolite Landscape Lights Laser Spotlights RGB Patio Christmas Light Waterproof

Another fun and solid option for the yearly Christmas is the Escolite Landscape lights laser spotlights RGB patio Christmas light waterproof. The lights have many settings, from simple basic colors like red, green and blue to static, flash or moving mode.

The versatile Christmas lights cover a huge space area and can create over a thousand points. It can also be used in non-Christmas occasions. Its remote control is easy to use, while the control timer can be used to set the lights to work for two, four, six or eight hours. 

  1. Lsika-Z Laser Christmas Lights Aluminum Alloy RGB

The Lsika-Z laser Christmas lights aluminum alloy RGB are very bright lights that cover more than 600-square-feet area. The traditional red, blue and green lights have an efficient built-in laser module, is well built with aluminum, easy to install and very user-friendly.

The Lsika-Z laser lights only need a minute to charge prior to cold weather outdoor use, and can take difficult weather conditions of up to -20 C degrees and 30 C degrees. This flexible IP68-wateproof has a remote control that can work from the inside as well as an efficient automatic timer.

  1. Magtimes Laser Christmas Light with RF Wireless Remote Controller

The Magtimes laser Christmas light with an RF wireless remote controller is a waterproof and dust resistant light, designed for lawns, houses and trees. It offers the typical green and red lighting with over a thousand static points for lighting up a garden, a Christmas tree, park or yard.

This light is versatile and can be used indoors and outdoors. It is safe to use around kids, only needs batteries for remote control, looks elegant and has an affordable price. The lights are bright, clear and follow different patterns. They are easy to store and are energy-saving efficient.

  1. Starry Laser Lights Projection Christmas Lights Moving Laser

The Starry laser lights projection Christmas Lights Moving laser has nice and refreshing lights because they give blue and green light. These waterproof lights are easy to install, provides various patterns to choose from, comes with automatic timers and covers almost 3,900 square feet with modes that can be set to like simple, stationary and twinkle.