Wedding Bells: How to Choose the Best Wedding Photographer and Videographer

One of the most important events of our lives is when we finally tie the knot with our life partners. And obviously, this amazing experience is something that we want to capture not just with our eyes but also with the use of photography and videography. Of course, years from now, we would want to look back at this event and holding captured moments in our bare hands would undeniably be a wonderful feeling.

importance of wedding photography

Why is it important?

This is exactly why finding local wedding photographers is one of the biggest and hardest challenges when planning out a wedding. The quest to find the best wedding photographer who will perfectly capture still-moments is so crucial because when the entire event is done, we will lean on these pictures and videos for the rest of our lives.

With that said, there are several things to think about when deciding which photographer should be hired. The following are tips that might help in making this important decision.

Tips in Choosing the Photographer or Videographer

  • Ask for recommendations

Whether from your family, friends or online, you might want to check out photographers who are highly recommended by people or websites you can trust. With these recommendations, you should make a list of the photographers or videographers whom you want to talk with.

  • Set up interviews

It is very important to set up interviews with these professionals in order for you to have a feel of what it would be like working with their crew. Wedding photography and videography tend to be a lot of work and so team play is very much needed. If their vibe does is not really in synch with yours, they might not be the best choice. Furthermore, interviews will allow you to get to know them more—their experiences, previous work and previous clients.

  • Check out their previous work

In the world of photography and videography, a portfolio is very important because this is what potential clients will want to see. And so, before going for a photographer, check out their portfolio first. Try to see if they will be able to capture your style. As the bride and groom, you should try to see if they will be able to handle the photography or videography type and themes which you are picturing in your mind. Or are there previous work far from your expectations or taste? You might not want to leave this decision to your wedding coordinator unless you have provided them a very detailed description of what you truly want for your wedding.

the best wedding photographer

  • Narrow down the list

Now that you have been through the interviews and you are done checking out their previous work, you might be able to narrow down your photographer list to the top 2 or 3. Finally, compare their rates.

  • Compare their rates and services

Most photographers and videographers offer wedding packages, a comparison of the price would serve you well so you can see the differences in terms of pricing. Aside from the price, take a look into the services that come with the packages. Determine if the photography or videography services are worth the price.

Our Reviews of the Best Mexican Hotels


 mexico-hotels Not all those who wander are lost, some are simply traveling. Traveling is one of best experiences in life. It may demand you to shell out a lot of money but surely, the experience will make you rich in ideas of culture, landscapes and life, in itself.

Traveling, especially to a foreign place, is quite exciting as it promises unexpected surprises that will come along your way—may they be baggage problems or new people you will meet.

Besides spicy salsa and rocky, beautiful beaches, Mexico also covers amazing landscapes of hot deserts, wild jungles and snowy mountain peaks. It is no surprise why thousands of foreigners flock in this country every year. Families, newlyweds and even celebrities find time to take a trip to Mexico.

As we all know, Mexico is rich in unique and delicious food; it is also blessed with breathtaking beaches and the culture it has brings great interest to people all around the world. Most of all, Mexico is favored in traveling because of its affordability. Indeed, there is nothing better than being able to visit a beautiful paradise with a budget that will not be painful for your pocket.

When we travel, the biggest concern is usually about the place where we will be staying at. Since this becomes our temporary home for the days to come, we must always make sure that we find a place that ensures our safety and

When visiting Mexico, you can choose to stay in several places wherein great quality hotels are available. For example, if you are to stay in Playa del Carmen, their best hotels would be Rosewood Mayakoba or Grand Velas Riviera Maya. If you choose to stay in Cancun, however, hotels such as Le Blanc Spa Resort or The Ritz Carlton are some of the best choices. Punta Mita also offers Four Seasons Resort and St. Regis Resort, among several others, as great places for visitors to stay at.

However, these hotels are all 5-stars and if you do not know it yet, these will probably cost a fortune which really beats the affordability aspect of a trip to Mexico. Luckily, other places, like Bacalar, offer the same type of experiences at a more reasonable price. The top hoteles en Bacalar or hotels in Bacalar include Hotel Aires which offers a great scenery, Toto Blue Hotel Boutique which offers a luxurious feel and Bacalar Lagoon Resort which is deemed as the best hotel in Bacalar as it offers both nature and luxury combined.

These hotels are only a few of the considered top ones that give tourists pleasant memories when in Mexico. With that said, it is best to highlight that it is not only 5-star hotels that can pass as great hotels, in general. Many hotels, with or without the star label, will still give you a comfortable and safe place to stay in Mexico while still allowing you to experience the same beautiful paradise this country offers.