Why Rashguards and Mouthguards are a Must for BJJ

Imagine you are a competitor in a contact sport such as football or hockey or better yet a sport more tolling on your facial structure as in boxing or mixed martial arts.

Now, imagine every time you took a hit to the jaw you became violently ill and vomited all over yourself and the very ring you are competing in.That is exactly what would happen to former professional boxer Jesse Ferguson.

“The Boogieman” as Ferguson was called fought against some of the very best in the sport including Mike Tyson, Riddick Bowe, Ray Mercer, and James “Buster” Douglas.

Ultimately, Ferguson developed significant Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder causing crippling nausea, balance problems and headaches threatening to prematurely end his career. After searching for a solution a local physician created a new technology.

A single protector was uniquely developed to keep his jaw secure when struck, and to keep the jaw positioned slightly down and forward, which keeps the Condyles (the back spurs of the jaw bone) from being driven into his unprotected TMJ sockets. The first time the Boogieman wore this new device, he could not believe this unique mouth guard could protect his TMJ and brain so well. His glass jaw syndrome virtually disappeared.

To date, the original design has been refined a number of times, but the technology remains soundly in place, protected by more than 20 patents in the United States and abroad. Over the past 15 years, Brain-Pad, Inc. has protected more than three million adult and junior athletes and competitors across the contact sport worlds.

A leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art mouth guards, Brain Pad mouthpieces are uniquely designed and help protect against mouth, teeth and brain injuries.

Brain-Pad, Inc. is headquartered in Conshohocken, Pa., but they ship their product all over the world and have even sent their product to troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Unlike many other options, Brain Pad provides the wearer with a large center breathing hole that gives athletes a competitive edge because they are not struggling to take a breath. You can breathe normally.

The concussion is one of the most common and dangerous injuries in sports such as football. While not as likely in mixed martial arts, the opportunity for a fighter to sustain a concussion is not completely ruled out. Especially in sports like BJJ where fighters are urged to use protective rashguards and groin protection. 

Joe Manzo, President and CEO of Brain-Pad, had this to say: “Traditional mouthpieces are designed to only protect the upper teeth and do virtually nothing to protect the lower jaw. When impacted with great force the lower jaw can produce a force that causes basal skull concussions.”

Use of the Brain-Pad jaw-joint protector holds these facial structures in place and helps prevent such injury.

Brain-Pad repositions and secures the lower jaw in a down and forward position. This positioning helps create a ‘safety space’ in the TMJ area.

When the athlete receives a blow to the lower jaw, the Brain-Pad and the molars absorb the impact energy and the safety space prevents the lower jaw from impacting the base of the skull.

This protection reduces the risk of concussion, TMJ disorder and brain injury, helping to lengthen the career of athletes who might have once not been able to continue to compete.

Studies show that Brain-Pad is the only mouthpiece proven to protect both upper and lower teeth and show a 40% reduction in impact forces entering the TMJ and base of the skull.

Concussions have been a part of competitive sports for as long as the sports have been around, but that does not mean that athletes should be exposed to those apparent risks.

As of Jan. 2012, the International Martial Arts Union Association began a process to implement a requirement that all mixed martial artists use a jaw-joint protector dual arch mouthguard in any sanctioned competition.

“To increase the safety of boxing, the World Boxing Association strongly recommends use of WIPSS jaw joint protection and takes the front line of defense against jaw joint and brain base injuries,” said Gilberto Mendoza, President of the WBA.

For a relatively inexpensive price, competitors now have a better option when shopping for a way to help protect themselves and maintain longevity in their beloved sport.

The user customizes his or her own mouthpiece according to the very easy to read instructions that accompany the piece at the time of purchase. Learn more by visiting the official website for Brain-Pad

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