Smart Ways to Choose the Right Pair of Hiking Boots

Good hiking boots are one of the essential gears when hiking – it’ll take or not take you to the best parts of outdoor adventures.

If this is your first outdoor adventure and you are currently having a hard time choosing the right pair of hiking boots for you, here are some smart ways on how to choose the best hiking boots in 2019:

1. Choosing between low or mid-cut hiking boots, ankle-high boots, and full grain leather uppers

There are several types of boots you can choose from, and each type has a specific use; for instance:

  • Low or mid-cut hiking boots –These types of boots are usually best used when trailing at some well-kept trails. Also, if you are opting for a light-packing hiking adventure, these boots are best for you.
  • Ankle-high boots –These boots will provide the right protection for your feet when hiking at aggressive or rough trails. Most of these boots are made waterproof and breathable; enough to give you blister-free outdoor adventures.
  • Full-grain leather uppers – These types of boots are best for trailing swampy terrains, jagged rocks, goat paths, and more. Most of these are designed for longer adventure and heavier backpacking trips.

Also, you may choose according to the following styles:

  • Light hiking shoes –These are almost similar to running shoes but designed for hiking. These shoes are best used for light hiking or day hiking trip.
  • Mountaineering boots –If you are about to take rough and rocky trails, these types of boots are a good investment. Also, you may use these boots for snowy and glacial trails.
  • Backpacking boots –Another type of boots that can be used on and off the trail are the backpacking boots. These boots are designed to endure all tough hiking activities, even at the roughest trail.

2. Choosing according to the size

If you know which type of boots you need, your next step is to choose according to your size. Measure the size of your foot by using either of the following tricks:

•    Finger test
•    Sensory test
•    Stride test
•    Test on the slant board

These tests will help you find the perfect pair of hiking boots for you.

3. Choosing the right hiking boots material

Choosing the wrong pair of boots will make your feet feel hot, cramped, and very uncomfortable. Thus, choose the right material that will provide you comfort during hiking trips.

  • Synthetics –These are made from polyester and nylon, which is why these types of boots are light and easy to dry.
  • Split-grain leather –One of the most popular boots are made from split-grain leather, where it’s half-synthetic and half-leather. These are known for its durability, but not water-resistant.
  • Full-grain leather –If you are looking for durable boots that can endure all sorts of terrain, full-grain is the best option. However, the boots are heavy and less breathable.

Final Thoughts

There are several hiking boots sold in the market today; thus, choosing the best one this 2019 can be very confusing. However, if you chose to follow the aforementioned smart steps in buying the best pair of hiking boots or shoes, you’ll never have any regrets.

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