Top 5 Factors That Affect A Customer’s Purchasing Decision

factors to consider when buying

Well-entrenched is the rule that consumers will always consider a wide variety of factors before purchasing any product. When making a choice, any person will always want to make the smartest choice. Thus, consumers will consider several things about products regardless of whatever product this may be. Whether choosing for food, clothes, or school supplies, not many customers will submit to the first product they see without even thoroughly checking what’s written on its label.

We can safely say, therefore, that companies selling products and services have a lot on their plate. And as a helpful contribution, we’ve come up with a list of the factors that greatly affect purchasing decisions of consumers; these may be the guiding light for those of you in the business of selling products.

Facts to Consider

  • Packaging

Believe it or not, the packaging matters a lot. The very first impression you’ll give to your customers is through your product’s packaging. However, this doesn’t mean that you’re allowed to steal other people’s packaging designs; that would be a crime. You’ll have to create something unique of your own. The more attractive the packaging, the better. Most of the time, attractive means simple; no customer wants a complicated type of packaging that gives them a hard time in getting the product, itself. The design matters as well; a minimalist look may be perfect for some products while products for kids, especially toys, would be perfect when given a colorful look.

  • Brand

Another important aspect to consider is the establishment of a trusted brand. Product brands must always see to it that the customers who have purchased and used their products are satisfied. Having a bad brand reputation would only spell out a disaster for your products. There are many ways to build up your brand; of course, these will need to be invested upon. For instance, it would be useful to do a market study or to provide a customer’s survey for feedback. Indeed, branding is an important aspect in business.

label for products

  • Information

Customers look out for themselves; hence, they will always check the information provided in the blister cards or packaging of the products. Certain instructions on how to use the product such as the right dosage, time interval, etc. as well as the ingredients of the product, and expiration dates are some of the things that must be provided in the label. The more information your customers have with regards to your product, the more trustworthy you become in their eyes.

  • Price

The price, as well, greatly affects the purchasing decisions of customers. If they are able to find brands providing similar features and quality with a much lower price, most would definitely go for the cheaper ones. Hence, it is very important to be within the price range of your competitors. However, if you have a unique selling point, then you can safely raise your price so long as you do a proper market study before jumping aboard.

Bottom Line

As sellers, we must give importance to the above-mentioned factors that affect our customers’ purchasing decisions as these will dictate the success of our products in the market.