A Whole New Level of Dental Care: Cosmetic Dentistry

why is cosmetic dentistry important

Besides our typical dental care regimen, making our teeth look more beautiful is also very important. Several jobs and professions such as modeling, being a flight steward or stewardess or being a front desk receptionist entail us to flash our beautiful smiles when dealing with clients. Today, even social media public figures are doing their best to achieve a flawless set of teeth and this influences a lot of social media users to do the same.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

This field of dentistry is all about restoring one’s self-confidence through his or her smile. Usually, the repairs and treatments involved in this field is more than just for cosmetic purposes as it also actually fixes cracked, broken, crowded or misaligned teeth. With these repairs, eating and speaking become better for you. Cosmetic dentistry will help get rid of pain and overall, it will improve your appearance. Undeniably, this will definitely help you gain a more positive and confident view of life.

In a way, the dentist also serves as an artist with your teeth as his or her masterpiece. C]In order to help you achieve the best-looking smile, cosmetic dentist will consider many factors such as the following:

  • Size of teeth
  • Shape of teeth
  • Texture of teeth
  • Color of teeth
  • Condition of teeth

taking care of teeth

Cosmetic Dentistry Options

  • Teeth Whitening – The common procedure for this cosmetic dentistry method is “bleaching”. This is by far the most common way to improve the appearance of teeth. Many whitening products are actually available over the counter; however, teeth whitening procedures which are supervised by a dentist will always be more legitimate. A much more effective type of teeth whitening is laser whitening wherein a chemical is applied to the teeth and and argon laser follows and activates the bleaching chemicals on the teeth.
  • Tooth Reshaping – SImply removing parts of the enamel, the shape of the tooth will change according to the preference of the patient. Crooked or unusually long teeth will benefit from this procedure.
  • Veneers – In order to fill in gaps, super thin and customized porcelain laminates are bonded to the teeth. Veneers are also used to change the color of the teeth which did not respond to other whitening methods.
  • Dental Implants – These are prosthetic replacements to replace missing teeth and improve appearance as well as chewing, biting, etc.
  • Dental Bridges – Also known as false teeth or pontics, these are often used with porcelain crowns in order to fill in the gaps of areas left by a missing tooth or missing teeth.
  • Gum Lift – Besides the tooth, itself, the gums may also be improved in order to give the teeth a more symmetrical look.
  • Inlays and Onlays – In order to repair cracked teeth and teeth suffering decay, inlays and onlays are perfect for teeth when the filling is too small and a crown is too excessive for correcting decayed teeth.

When deciding for cosmetic dentistry options or any dental health procedure, make sure you go to a trusted dental professional who will provide the best medical services suited for your problem. Do not go for sketchy dental procedure offers as this may be a bigger risk for your teeth and may bring you more problems.